About Your Product Storefront Business

If your business has a storefront that primarily sells products; apparel, toys, fashion accessories, home decor, etc.

Read the questions below and answer via the interactive video or email us your answers to info@keepitcincy.com


This is a unique discovery process to better understand you and your business. Our intention is so that we can better write the story. Please know that none of this content will be used for direct production, and you will have an opportunity to proof everything before it is shared publicly.

  1. What is your name?
  2. What is the name of your business?
  3. Tell me about how you got started in this business. What got you into it?
  4. Describe your shop in a nutshell. What does it do? What does it sell? Why does the customer choose you?
  5. When the customer comes into the store, what can they expect? Describe the environment of your store from the sights to the smells, describe any feelings the customer might have once they walk through the door. How is this unique to you?
  6. What is your store best known for? When the customer comes into the store, what can they absolutely not leave without? Describe that product in detail.
  7. Does your store source any items from local producers or manufacturers?
  8. Are there any other services that you provide outside of the primary location? Such as visiting houses or having an offsite location?
  9. Describe your average customer? How old are they? What are they coming to you for? What is their family like? What does the customer look like Wednesday morning versus Saturday afternoon?
  10. If a child comes in, what would they be most excited about?
  11. What does the ownership of your business look like? Is there a sole proprietor? Business partners?
  12. Is there anything else about the ownership of your business? Such as being woman owned, minority owned, or veteran owned?
  13. Tell me about your team. Describe the team and the service they bring to your customer. What are your business’ core values?
  14. Do you have a special story about your business? Tell us about a time when your business changed a customer’s life or day in a positive way.
  15. Is there anything else special about your business that you would want a potential customer to know?

From the entire team at Keep it Cincy, thank you for your time in answering these questions. We cannot wait to visit and tell your business’ story.