Interactive Videos to Promote Local Cincinnati

Our digital experience encourages people to visit, buy and enjoy Cincinnati-owned and operated businesses. Check out this Hyde Park example.

Interactive Videos

Our Interactive Videos are curated combinations of 15-30 second video clips. Each digital experience is built with a specific kind of consumer in mind whether it’s a young couple looking for an interesting new date night or someone visiting from out of town wanting to experience the unique neighborhoods of Cincinnati.

Check out our prototype for Hyde Park

How It Works

Keep It Cincy will write, produce, edit, and post content on behalf of your business while also giving you access to the content to use as well.

Consumer In Mind

To introduce the concept of Keep It Cincy, how about starting out with some examples of where Keep It Cincy would come into play in everyday life and how your business could play a prominent role in these stories.

Meet Zach (from out of town)

Zack Schurman is visiting and staying in Marriott in Rookwood during his business trip.

Zack is looking to expand his real estate properties into areas of Hyde Park and Oakley. Without doing much research for local coffee shops and restaurants before arriving, Zack finds himself in Hyde Park square wondering what the best local coffee shops and restaurants are.

Zack has always enjoyed finding the unique local small businesses when he travels rather than finding the large chain restaurants and coffee spots. By utilizing Keep It Cincy, Zack is able to navigate through Hyde Park digitally and hear the highlights of each business to help him find the place that is right for what he likes. After his workday, he remembers hearing about a great new spot to grab a beer during his digital tour earlier that morning.

Keep It Cincy allows him to navigate the Hyde Park area and pick spots that are just right for him and his style.

Meet Amanda & Jerry (New Couple in Cincy)

Jerry and Amanda are looking to go out somewhere in Cincinnati for Amanda’s birthday.

Jerry wants to surprise her by taking her to a place they have never been and really wow her! He remembers hearing about a directory called Keep It Cincy that has a virtual tour to help you find the right place for whatever occasion. By exploring and hearing about many local restaurants,

Jerry finds the perfect place to surprise Amanda in Hyde Park Square. Jerry also discovers two nearby art galleries. Jerry surprises Amanda and they have fun conversations about the art installations.

Keep It Cincy becomes the go-to source for Jerry and Amanda’s future date nights.

Meet Allie & Michael (Recently Retired)

Micheal and Allie are recently retired and ready to finally explore the local community while keeping fit.

With the expansion of the Wasson Way trail near their life-long home they recently purchased bikes. When planning to bike the trail that upcoming Saturday, they wondered what stops they could plan on their way. Keep It Cincy has a complete guide that takes you through the highlights and business of the Wasson Way trail. Michael and Allie then had a complete list of places they could stop to grab coffee, lunch, a drink, and even boutique shops along the way.

Keep It Cincy gives them new spots for their new Saturday tradition.

One Neighborhood at a Time

We are building Keep It Cincy from the bottom up; one customer, one shop, one neighborhood at a time.

Our goal is not to move fast but rather ensure we tell the unique stories of each local business and the each neighborhood. There are plenty of silicon-valley platforms scaling websites to grab the attention of consumers and profits of local business. This is not us.

We are building for Cincinnati with Cincinnati. Our team is diverse in background with ample experience in creating positive impact in the Cincinnati community.

We welcome the opportunity to collaborate and engage as we create this new local solution. Please contact us today to discuss further. 

Storytelling Opportunity

By the design of our company, we have a tremendous amount of content (primarily video) to produce.

Thus we are actively recruiting college-age local creatives to join our storytelling teams. This is a great opportunity for them to build their portfolio and interact with hard-working business owners, and another way for our community to utilize people at what they do best.

Recent generations have plenty of Instagram/TikTok/Youtube experience that we can leverage to shine a brighter light on all the mom and pop shops across Cincinnati.